Gerry Stowers LMT


Reiki: A Simple Yet Powerful Healing Practice

Reiki is a gentle hands on healing technique for use on yourself and others which uses spiritual energy to treat physical ailments without using manipulation, pressure, or massage.  The healing practice of Reiki was developed in Japan by a Buddhist priest named Mikao Usui (1855-1926).  The word "Reiki" has 2 orgins.  "Rei" is translated as "the wisdom that comes from the Divine, God, or the Universe" and "Ki" is the life-force energy that surrounds everything around us including plants, rocks, animals, and people.  Mikao Usui dedicated much of his life on a quest to find out how Jesus and Buddha had been able to heal.  Dr. Usui started to teach Reiki after receiving spiritual insight during a 21 day fasting and meditation retreat on Mount Koriyama.  Usui founded the Usui Reiki Ryoho which is translated a s Usui Spritual Energy Healing Method, and this method is widely known as "REIKI".  Hawayo Takata, a Japanese woman, initiated 22 masters in his lineage and spread the knowledge of the healing method to the West after his death in 1926.